Become the Ultimate

Pro Vocal Artist

An 8 week programme for singers  who want to
master their voice, lifestyle and performance.
Stephen Bishop, Dublin
Working with Gemma really opened up my mind, my voice and my ears to things I didn’t think were possible for my singing before.
Wyn Doran, Boston

Working with Gemma changed my life and the way I’m going to go about singing in the future.


Cyd, New York 

Gemma is one of the best vocal coaches I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Her knowledge of the human voice is mind blowing.

Caoimhe Barry, Wyvern Lingo 

Being able to imagine what's happening when I sing so clearly through Gemma's science based teaching has been amazing! 

Cian Ducrot, Darkroom

If it wasn’t for Gemma I never would have had the confidence to pursue my career as an artist. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me.

Chelsamina, LA 

Gemma has truly helped me grow as an artist on every level. It has been amazing I can't wait to get back to performing now.


My name is Gemma Sugrue

and I've helped contemporary music artists from all over the world develop a vocal technique that supports their artistry and build a mindset that allows them to be fully themselves on stage and in the studio.


More About Me

Becoming the Artist of Your Dreams

Do you who wants to have a career as an original music artist or have you established a career already, and maybe you’ve hit a wall? You want to change things up, restart, or even start over, blank page! Let me help you get clear on how to make this a reality.


How To Create A Daily Vocal Practice Habit

We all know there’s no such thing as an overnight success. You might have a breakthrough in your vocal technique one day and find yourself back at square one the following week. It’s consistently fine-tuning your instrument daily if you want to make a meaningful change or become consistent in performance.


10 Ways to Protect the Asset

Protect the Asset – and by the asset, I mean the person and the voice. If you are a professional voice user you need to start thinking like an athlete.

This means sleeping, eating, drinking and basicaly living like a boss!