Do you want to successfully write, record & release your music and build an online presence as a vocal artist?


PVA Artist

A collaborative mastermind for singers on how to develop as artists and grow a fanbase online. 

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Access to our​ Private Slack Community for ongoing support during the program​

Need help with your launch as you’re in the middle of it? Have a quick Q you need answered? Just hit up our private slack community.

We have dedicated channels so you can get your questions answered quickly and efficiently and feel supported every step along the way.

Done-FOR You Launch Services

To help you save time and take your promotions to the next level





If you’re like most people who run launches or promotions, you know how many of those annoying little tasks you HAVE to do along the way. Things like…

  • Scheduling emails ​
  • Text message reminders Setting up Facebook Groups ​
  • Social media post
  • ​Zapier integrations
  • ​Follow up sequences ​
  • The list could go on…

In fact, one of the things that stops people from having bigger launches is avoiding doing all these tasks because it’s just too much work!

That’s why we have hired and trained a team of launch assistants dedicated to handling all of these mundane (but important) tasks, so you can focus on getting more people into your launches and converting them into your backend offers.

We will help you schedule out ALL of your launch content, from your emails, to your launch-related social posts, to your Facebook group reminder posts, and much more.

And if there is anything else, just let our team know and we’ll see how we can take it off your hands. That means you get to say “bye bye” to the boring stuff FOREVER!


Most people would agree that cheap-looking designs for landing pages, ads and social media can have a negative effect on conversion rates.

That why, we have a team of graphic designers to help with the following:

  • Landing page design (for the front and back end sales funnels in your launch)
  • Social media images (you can use these in the lead up to your launch to get more people in the door)
  • Facebook Group Cover Image (if you plan on hosting a popup Facebook group to connect with people during your launch)
  • ​And much more…

PLUS, if there are any other types of graphics you want us to create, just reach out and we’ll work to add it in as a new service!

Let us handle all your graphic design needs for your launches and promotions.


Effective videos for ads and sales pages can mean the difference between launch success and failure.

Not only that, but video editors charge thousands of dollars to create, let’s face it, “basic” videos.

We want to help you save money by using our video editors to help you create effective…

  • Sales Page Videos (use our script to record your videos and we will handle the rest. Effective sales videos have been known to double the conversion rate on ours and our clients landing pages)
  • ​Facebook + Instagram Video Ads (use our process to record short 45 second videos and hand them over to us to edit. They’re simple to create and are sure to have an impact on your click through rate)

This is an ever-evolving service and we plan on adding more video editing services in the future to help you with your launches!



Let’s face it, building sales funnels is a pain in the ass!

That’s why funnel builders can sometimes charge up to $10,000 for things like webinar registrations or lead magnets.

We think that’s silly, which is why we hired a team of funnel builders who will build the following for you:

  • Front End Launch Funnel (most of our students get the best results using our pay-to-play launch process that attracts targeted customers into a 3-5 day virtual event used to warm people up before pitching the main offer. We will build a funnel designed to get people joining your virtual event)
  • Back End Offer Funnel (getting people into your launch is one thing, converting them into your back end program is another. That’s why we will build out a beautiful sales page for your main offer whether it be an online course, coaching program or high ticket solution. Wondering what it could look like? Take a look at this page as this is the quality you can expect for your own)

We are also constantly creating fresh new templates so you can update and improve your sales funnels over time.

This one service alone could save you over $10,000! 

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Affordable Long-Term Funding For USA Based Businesses

If you’re a US citizen or resident and you would prefer to pay off your investment in the program gradually, then you can use our third-party funding service.

  • Easy monthly repayments as low as $200
  • Flexible 2-5 year payment plans
  • 0% interest for up to 15 months
  • NO prepayment penalties
  • Applying will NOT affect your credit score

Get instant access and make your first repayment 30 days from now. This is your chance to come into the program with little to no risk so you can crush your next promotion and pay off your investment in full.

*We are currently working on providing funding for non-US clients. For now, you can use our flexible, 6-month payment plan.

PVA Artist 


12 Months 

DELIVERY - Mastermind + Course 

  1. Course (video lessons and assignments)
  2. Mini Masterminds (Songwriting, Voice/Performance, Social Media) 
  3. Live Bootcamps & Challenges
  4. Support (access to Gemma and team) 


1. Life Design & Mindset 

Creating an internal and external world that breeds success.

2. Artist Development 

Creating a compelling vision and strategy for your artist brand and online presence. 

3. PVA Singer 

Diagnose your technical vocal issues, design a personalised training plan for your voice and implement the technique in your song work. 

4. Songwriting & Production 

Develop your songwriting and demoing skills with regular peer and expert feedback and writing prompt challenges. Learn how to find the right producer for your music, analyse your mixes and much more. 

5. Music Marketing 

Plan, execute and workshop the best digital marketing strategy for your music including content marketing, ads and release planning. 

BONUS 1 - Live Calls 2pm ET Tuesdays

  •   Live voice clinics 
  •   Song feedback sessions
  •   Live music recording & production calls
  •   Live music marketing calls 
  •   Live artistry & mindset calls 

BONUS 2 - Mini Courses 

  •   Voice Care Course
  •   Holistic Songwriting Academy Crash Course
  • Riff Breakdown Course

BONUS 3 - Replays 

  •   Replays of all support calls since June 2021

No Artist Left Behind 
Pro Vocal Artist will continue to support you until you release your first single even if that does not happen within the first 12 months. 



Free Artist Career Call


Here's what students have to say! 


I know that singing and music are a passion for you and a calling you can’t ignore. I also know that it feels really scary to self-select yourself right now and invest yourself whole-heartedly into making singing and music your priority.

But what’s the alternative?

If nothing changes, nothing changes. And you can’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results. Nothing can help you move faster towards your music goals than connecting with community, education and coaching specifically designed to support you on this journey.

Are you ready? .. 


IF you're only interested in developing vocal technique, make sure you click the link below to find out about my singing only program! 

My Vocal Technique Program